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Appointment for Covid-19 test & traveldocuments

Are you travelling abroad and do you need proof that you are COVID-19 free, or do you want to check if you have antibodies against COVID-19? We can help you receive the right tavel documents. 
To schedule an appointment you can call the following number: 085 902 03 03. 
When you cannot reach us via phone, you can send an e-mail with your question and phone number to:   and we will call you as soon as possible.


For travelers to China: We can only provide 1 PCR test €79,95.   
And also for people who travel to China and are not fully vaccinated: 1 PCR and 1 IGM blood test. :  € 135,--
Call 085 - 902 03 03

Covid-19 AG Rapid Test    € 34,25
Including certificate

For several countries the antigentest is allowed for travelling. The result will be available within 20 minutes. 
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To schedule an appointment you can call during office hours: 085 902 03 03 

Result within 20 minutes. 
Call 085 - 902 03 03

PCR test    € 79,95 result within 12 hours
Including certificate. 

The PCR test is only available on our location in Wageningen

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To schedule an appointment you can call during office hours: 085 - 902 03 03. 

Result within 12 hours.

PCR emergency-test € 180,00
Including travelcertificate.
Result within 3 hours.
This emergencytest is not for travelers to China!
Call 085 - 902 03 03
For emergencies we are available monday till saturday between 8pm and 8.30pm on phone number:
085 - 022 15 66.

Document of recovery  € 34,25

You can make an appointment if you have had an infection with Covid-19. You can schedule this appointment yourself online or call us. Please note that we give out this document 11 full days after your positive test.

Call 085 - 902 03 03

Online appointment


To make an appointment, pick the location of preference. Choose the kind of appointment you want to make.
After this you choose date and time. Finally fill out your personal data. 
A confirmation of the appointment will be sent to your e-mail adress. 

For single vaccinations such as hepatitis B, rabiës, meningitis vaccination or HPV  you can make a specific appointment. Just fill in the type of vaccination and select the amount of people (adults and/or children) you want to make the appointment for. Than follow the steps as mentioned above.  

For help please call 085 902 03 03, daily between 08.30 and 16.00.
Please take notice of the fact that you can only pay by debit card. We accept credit cards. 

In case of 'no show', we charge the costs for consultation.  

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