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085 9020303 testing on Corona/Covid 19

Will you be travelling abroad and you need proof that you are COVID-19 free, or does your employer ask for an covid-19 antibody test? We can help you reiceive the right documents. If you have symptoms of Covid 19, we can do a Covid 19 Ag Rapid test. Results within 30 minutes.

We offer 3 kinds of RIVM validated Covid-19-tests.
1. Covid 19 Ag Rapid Test In case of symtoms.

On the 1 of November 2020 we start with with the Covid 19 Rapid test. If you have symptoms of Covid 19 you can make an appointment for a Rapid test through a button on our website. We only use this test to rule out Covid 19 if you have symptoms. This can not be used to receive a travel document. We call you half an our after testing with the results. This test is 61 Euro.
Testlocation is Doornroosje, Stationsplein, Nijmegen
appointment Nijmegen appointment Wageningen
2. PCR test.  In case you need to travel

This test is wil determine if you are currently carrying the virus. At the moment this test is needed to be able to fly into certain countries. To make an apointment for the PCR test we ask you to plan the apointment by calling us at 085 902 03 03. You can reach us during office hours. For urgencies outside of office hours call 085 022 15 66. This test with document is 148 euro.
bel 085 902 03 03
3. Testing for antibodies for COVID-19. Been ill??

Serological blood testing where blood will be drawn from a vein. This serological test has been validated by the RIVM and is a very sensitive and reliable test. The result will take 48 hours. 58 euro.
bel 085 902 03 03

Afspraak maken voor andere vaccinaties

Online je afspraak maken.

  1. Kies de gewenste locatie en selecteer de reden van de afspraak.

  2. Volg de stappen, afhankelijk van de soort afspraak die je maakt. 

  3. Bevestig de afspraak. Je ontvangt nu een bevestigingsmail van ons. Ontvang je geen mailtje, ook niet tussen de spam, dan is de afspraak mogelijk niet goed vastgelegd. Neem in dat geval even telefonisch contact met ons op; 085 902 03 03.

Heb je hulp nodig bij het maken van een afspraak? Of wil je de afspraak annuleren? Bel ons dan op werkdagen tussen 08.30 en 16:00 op 085- 9020303. We helpen je graag.

LET OP: Je kunt bij ons alleen met PIN betalen. Wij accepteren geen credit cards.

Indien je zonder afmelding niet op de afspraak verschijnt, worden de consultkosten in rekening gebracht.

To make an appointment, pick the location of preference. Choose the kind of appointment you want to make.
After this you choose date and time. Finally fill out your personal data. 
A confirmation of the appointment will be sent to your e-mail adress. 

For single vaccinations such as hepatitis B, rabiës, meningitis vaccination or HPV  you can make a specific appointment. Just fill in the type of vaccination and select the amount of people (adults and/or children) you want to make the appointment for. Than follow the steps as mentioned above.  

For help please call 085-902 03 03, daily between 08.30 and 16.00.
Please take notice of the fact that you can only pay by debit card. We do not accept credit cards of any kind. 

In case of 'no show', we charge the costs for consultation.  

Vaccinatiecentrum Nijmegen

Nina Simonestraat 24
6541 EA Nijmegen
Tel.: 085 - 902 03 03

Vaccinatiecentrum Wageningen

Plantage 8
6708 WJ Wageningen
Tel.: 085 - 9020303

Vaccinatiecentrum Den Bosch

Boschdijkstraat 98
5211 VD Den Bosch
Tel.: 085 - 902 03 03

Vaccinatiecentrum Utrecht

Herculesplein 379
3584 AA Utrecht
Tel.: 085 - 902 03 03