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Board of Advice

As the vaccination center grew larger over time and opened a third location (there are now even four locations), further professionalization of the organization became even more important. That is why we have set up an Board of Advice.
We experience this Board as added value for our customers, but certainly also for our employees. We can always rely on the various forms of expertise. We therefore regularly use the knowledge and skills of the members of our advisory board. We would like to introduce them to you:

Robert Ligthelm
Robert Ligthelm is an internist-tropical doctor. Robert worked for many years at the Havenziekenhuis in Rotterdam. Robert has also been involved in founding and running the LCR for many years. Robert is still well known among doctors as "The Tropics-Guru".

Netty van Os
Netty van Os works as a teacher at Fontys Hogeschool. Netty teaches practice nurses and nurse practitioners.

André Godkewitsch
André, as the doctor with ultimate responsibility, handed over the baton to mr. Pieter (P.P.A.M.) van Thiel. André has visited the countries of Ghana, Kenya, India, Argentina, Costa Rica and Laos.
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