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Covid-19 test for traveling

Will you be travelling abroad and you need proof that you are COVID-19 free, or does your employer ask for an covid-19 antibody test? We can help you reiceive the right documents. We do not test people with complaints. If you have complaints, please contact the GGD or the national telephone number 0800-1202.

We use two kinds of reliable tests.

1. Testing for presence of COVID-19 (PCR-test)
This test is wil determine if you are currently carrying the virus. At the moment this test is needed to be able to fly into certain countries. To make an apointment for the PCR test we ask you to plan the apointment by calling us at 085 902 03 03. You can reach us during office hours. For urgencies outside of office hours call 085 0221566

2. Testing for antibodies for COVID-19
Serological blood testing where blood will be drawn from a vein. This serological test has been validated by the RIVM and is a very sensitive and reliable test. The result will take 48 houres.                          

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Each year, more than 1.5 million people travel to a destination where vaccinations are required because of common diseases. A professional and personal advice can be a good start for a safe and healthy journey. At Vaccinatiecentrum we help you to prepare your trip with advice based on the destination, duration and intention of your trip. We provide vaccinations, malaria prescriptions and pharmaceutical products. 

Our vaccination centre is located at four places in the Netherlands: Utrecht, Wageningen, Nijmegen and Den Bosch. A travel advice is given by one of our nurses. These nurses are specialized in travelling and work according to the guidelines of the national coordination centre for travel advice (LCR). All nurses have been to the tropics. The nurse will give you a personalised travel advice, based on your state of health, your destination, the duration of your trip, the route of your trip and the way you travel. A good preparation of your trip begins at least 6 to 8 weeks before departure. It is therefore important to be on time to make an appointment. For last-minute travelers it is always advisable to ask for advice.


There are several ways to make an appointment
-using the button' make appointment ' on this website
-by calling 085 902 03 03  (08.30 -16.00)

Recognized by LCR

The national coordination centre for travel advice (LCR) is the central body in the Netherlands that deals with travel advice.

The LCR gives the national guidelines with regard to vaccinations and anti-malaria measures. Our vaccination centre is registered as a recognized vaccination and advice centre. 

We hope to see you soon at one of our branches!

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Vaccinatiecentrum Nijmegen

Nina Simonestraat 24
6541 EA Nijmegen
Tel.: 085 - 902 03 03

Vaccinatiecentrum Wageningen

Plantage 8
6708 WJ Wageningen
Tel.: 085 - 9020303

Vaccinatiecentrum Den Bosch

Boschdijkstraat 98
5211 VD Den Bosch
Tel.: 085 - 902 03 03

Vaccinatiecentrum Utrecht

Herculesplein 379
3584 AA Utrecht
Tel.: 085 - 902 03 03